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Signatures for Petition Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete

ID First Name Last Name Comments I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter I live in Crete and visit the UK
1 PaulineHarrold Please start direct winter flights to Chania!!! yes  
2 helenswabey There is a real need for winter flights. yesk  
3 JackieDredge Without direct winter flights to Crete must affect the Island's economy drastically for local businesses & investors. We would like to visit Crete out of season with a view to investing but unlikely now if difficult to reach! Yes I would like to visit Crete in the winter  
4 MariaLopez     Yes
5 LorenzoCusin winter flight from Memmingen pleeeeeeeeease yes  
6 SiobhanCurran Crete is a great year round destination. I have taken 3 flights to get there out of season. Direct flights please...from Ireland as well as the uk? Yes  
7 CarolPalioudaki     yes
8 hilaryjackson My husband and I spend a lot of time in crete in the winter, and would love to be able to travel direct from Manchester.   yes
9 sophiemuscatelli   I'd like to go to crete in the winter!  
10 RobinWilliams Been saying this for years. If not all-year, extend the dates through October - December   Yes
11 AliceMcVeigh We own a place in Crete but live mostly in the UK    
12 MSmith     M Smith
13 BienvenuJean There is a big market here ready to cater to visitors in winter as soon as the airlines will bring them. We have everything for winter tourism! I would love winter customers Sometimes
14 MarilynTaylor My husband and I trvel back separately to the UK two or three times each winter from our home in Crete. With direct flights we would make the journey more often.   yes.
15 SheilaSaunders     yes
16 RSmith     R Smith
17 EddieDavies      
18 PaulHilton I often travel back to the UK however in winter I have to travel via Athens . I would welcome direct flights from Crete to the UK in the winter and would be a regular user , as would my family and friends   yes
19 NigelSaunders There is a definite market opportunity for direct flights in the winter with increasing numbers of ex pats now retiring to Crete.   Yes
20 KateBrusten      
21 Johnjackson      
22 RHawton   YES  
23 DougPearce     Yes
24 BarbaraChapman Please consider Flying Direct to Manchester through the Winter from Heraklion even if it is only once a week I am sure you would fill the Plane.   I live in Crete
25 KatrinaBrowne-Tsontou      
26 renewillemsen all year flights from belgium yes no
27 donnaMoffatt      
28 SallyConstantine Help the Cretan economy - winter flights please    
29 SharronFisher Would like more winter flights to enable more visits to crtete especially chania Yes  
30 kimsmith I would definitely travel 2 or 3 times every winter   Yes
31 StefanosLyrantonakis   Yes Yes
32 DaveRudge PLEASE continue flights through the winter yes yes
33 JoyBonaccorsi Live here full-time & family + friends want to visit in winter. Love Luton/Birmingham or Bristol to Heraklion route.   Xmas in UK woopee!
34 JMcInnes A great idea - we've waited a long time for this.   *
35 AlisonAndroulakaki Flights are especially important to Crete April and May for people who want to come and the normal charter flights don't start until the second week of May our hotel as many others, start every year 1st April until the end of October for people to holiday for me to go to go to the UK
36 BevBurridge Greek Airline are very expensive to fly to Athens and that is where we have to catch our easyjet flight to uk   I live in crete
37 JayneOrencas      
38 JulieTebbutt      
39 HilaryVikse Its an all year round Island and deserves all year round flights   x
40 SheilaTeasdale     x
41 KarenDay   would visit in the winter  
42 KathWalls yes please, especially as no ferry from rethymno any more and some Greek flights between Athens and Crete stopping - we're beginning to feel isolated !!   twice yearly
43 JohnElsworth      
44 annemillar      
45 sinikkabrusman it's essential not to isolate Crete during the off season time. yes  
46 manolismilathianakis it wil be nice to stay cheap flichts to europe   yes!!!!!!!
47 AristosManolarakis   YES  
48 AngelaSturgis We are in desparate need of flights to UK during the winter months Nov-March from Heraklion, Crete. With somany expats living here, the flights would be full! It's ridiculous that no-one caters for this market..   My family need contact more frequently
49 PaulaFarrell Please, at least 2 direct flights to England per week and one even to Ireland, badly needed to boost our economy, and for family and friends to visit!!    
50 SusanPalin we fly to UK via Athens every winter   I live in Crete but visit UK
51 AngieHilton Even once a week flights to at least one UK airport would make a big difference to lots of ex pats in Crete.    
52 LindaLucioni My partner and I travel this route up to three times a year and would actually do four if it were available during the winter season yes  
53 PanoStalos Would love to be able for guests to arrive all year yes yes
54 LainaLudlow      
55 AngieGreen   Yes  
56 terigardner     I live in Crete & visit the UK
57 veroniquedaumont To and from france also   x
58 CharlesBradley A regular service throughout the Winter would be good for toirists and residents alike.   yes
59 debbiehill   yes  
60 GeorginaAnderson     I live in Crete and visit the UK
61 yvonnehoy Heraklion is my preferred airport, but, even direct flights to Chania would be preferable to having to stop off in Athens.   We book flights generally every month
62 SheilaVaughan I think flights from Southwest airports would be good. Many elderly people live down there who wouldn't normally go to Crete in the summer months. A winter break to the beautiful Crete would probably suit them more. Family in Crete, I would like to see them more often.  
63 JennyD We need direct flights in the winter.   Yes
64 CarolynKaiser     i live there
65 NikkiTregarthen   Yes!!!  
66 KikhSaevenskog Winter flights to Crete is exactly what we, and Crete-loving tourists need! Yes!  
67 gillianpickering Visiting the UK in winter is so costly and time consuming. direct flights in winter would be well used.   yes
68 FrancesNewland British residents of Crete need direct flights back to the UK all year round, it would benefit us greatly.   Resident
69 AadBosman   yes i do  
70 EnidBibby      
71 suegardner please please please start a winter flight service from Crete so that we can visit family more easily in the winter months   yes
72 paulbailey please start winter service to make it possible for family get togethers   correct
73 DEBBIEmuscatelli   I'd like to go to crete in the winter!  
74 kengrant there are plenty of people that would fill flight to the UK & IRELAND especially at christmas.do a trial run see what bookings you get    
75 DawnCarver     Yes
77 ValNeal I live in Crete visiting the UK to see family and friends during the winter months..it sometimes means two or three flights, expensive and time consuming. Worry sometimes if I had to be back to UK in winter for an emergency how long it would take.   Live in Crete
78 ChristinaStylianides It would make all the difference to many people.   Yes
79 JanetClear   I live in Crete and visit the UK  
80 MarjorieWalmsley Would love a direct flight into Manchester from Crete    
81 ChristineNicolaou Please give us direct flights to the Uk from Crete all year long   I live in Crete and visit the uk
82 stuartjackson     i live in crete and vist the uk
83 CatherineDavidson As the most southerly island in the Med - Crete is an ideal Winter sun destination - come on airlines get real! yes  
84 JohnCoppus Necessary for year round ability to fly 'home' regularly y y
85 SusanHope It would be great to winter flights so we could go back to UK or the family can come out.    
86 SheilaVavourakis     yes
87 JuliePollington Would make life so much easier Yes My mother does this & has trouble trying to get from one side of Athens Airport with Luggage to the other side of Airport to Easyjet desk in time for her connecting flight
88 lisasmith we go every year at least once. why give aegean all the business.   i live here
89 PaulGriffiths Surely it would make commercial sense to operate at least one direct flight from the UK to Crete through the months November to March.   Yes
90 KarinaOure     x
91 joannemander this would make such a difference to everybody. ie holiday makers and ex pats living on the island.    
92 paulstanley   yes i would  
93 HeatherKnibb      
94 CarolForde year round flights would be wonderful....for ex-pats, all year holiday makers and the people of Crete.....even one flight a week would be better than none! yes yes
95 IngridPinter I live in germany, and i am waiting for flights germany-crete yes  
96 TerrySullivan It would be so nice to see friends out of season! Yes  
97 PamB      
98 KarenBrooks   Yes!!  
100 David & HazelBowman Wewould definitely use this service.   Live here