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Signatures for Petition Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete

ID First Name Last Name Comments I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter I live in Crete and visit the UK
101 MaryHatsiyianni I regularly travel back to the UK and relatives visit me several times a year.   yes
102 AnneWestwood      
103 PeterTucker     Resident
104 MarkStephens   yes  
105 MartinBack   yes  
106 lesliebuist   yes  
107 markfellows i and my friends would use the service several times instead of travelling through athens as we do now many times  
108 mandyburrows I would like to sign the petition i live in crete  
109 MaryBurt Some of us don't have time to visit in the summer. Crete is a fantastic cultural destination all year round - it's not just for the sun 'n' fun package brigade! Yes I used to live in Crete and everyone complained about the lack of winter flights.
110 JulieAgritharakis Would love to be ble to go to se family and friends all year round. Yes  
111 KeiranO Beirne More weekly flights are needed to Crete and at smaller prices. Yes -
112 MaggieYiannikakis I live in Xania and travel to Germany and England quite often.It would be marvelous to get direct flights in the winter season from XANIA    
113 ShirleyMcNeill Tourists still come to Crete in the winter and need flights.   Yes
114 SueSmith     Yes
115 marionandrews     I live in Crete and visit uk
116 DavidHeel   yes  
117 SianCradick      
118 MartinMc Donald I would love to visit in winter but it is too expensive when you use the national carriers so please consider having even a weekly winter service Visit 2 times per year in summer but would love to visit in winter  
119 CarlaVolpini      
120 Lynn Hall     I live between UK & Crete
121 EimearGriffin   yes yes
122 AlLittlewood   Yes  
123 MelanieNott      
124 JillMarrington Crete in the winter is best: temperate and less crowded.   Many people can't get away in the summer because they are working. Going back for Christmas would be a bonus.
125 NinaKelaidis   YES YES
126 RuthCooney   yes plan to live on Crete in the future
128 LisaThomas Those of us who live in Crete but have families in the UK need good inexpensive direct flights to the UK. Crete also has 300 days of sunshine a year and is a better climate for winter summer sun than Spain or Portugal   yes
129 ColinNevitt Liverpool / Manchester to Chania, white mountains in winter spectacular holiday in winter  
130 SusanO Beirne Please consider direct winter flights from the UK to Crete and possibly to Heraklion, people could visit Family and friends all year round. I holiday in crete and also have family and friends living in crete.  
131 BrittaM├╝nzenberg   Yes Yes
132 SeanMurdoch      
133 DavidWilliams You know it makes sense !!! I do visit and .... I do come back to the UK ....
134 JTeague Please, start flights throughout winter from Crete to the UK....I've lived here for 9 years and this is the saddest part of living here...   I would love to got the UK in the winter.
135 JoanneShepherd It would be fantastic to have winter flights to Crete   every winter
136 AlisonRodgers     every winter
137 MeganNerantzouli   my children live there  
138 denisemeadwell its so restricting only being able to get flights to crete may-oct... to visit friends easily during the winter months would be fabulous but also to see the changes on the island during the winter months yes  
139 IanCampbell Like visit in the winter months x  
140 paulwright I would love to be able to fly to Crete for a winter holiday so maybe just one airline would consider this!! Yes please!  
141 JohnOsborn This service is badly needed - making the trip UK to Crete (or back) off season is difficult, but there is a lot of demand. Yes No
142 LinRabbetts   Yes  
143 BrianStewart There is a real demand for year round flights to Crete and if the service is there that demand will expand.   x
144 RalphGresley It would be good if there were flights the whole year round.   x
145 SteveBuxton I have friends who live in Crete and would like to visit them out of season. yes  
146 WarwickGibbons Easyjet is normally my first choice carrier when flights are available.   and would like to go out of season
147 LesleyBlaber Crete Is like home to us(27 YEARS) we go in May/Aug/Sept Would love to go outside these months would like visit in winter  
148 KarenMorley      
149 NickEllison      
150 melaniahoeing and what about flights to Germany???? May be they could be connected. They would easily be filled then.   I would like to visit Germany
151 ElizabethEgbe I live near Chania Crete all year round. My children live in UK and friends and sblings around the world. Travelling via Athens to UK is timeconsuming and expensive.   I live in Crete and visit UK
152 suzannenevitt Flights from Manchester or , Liverpool to Chania or Heraklion in the winter would surely be popular many people have holiday homes and would love to visit out of season I have a 2nd home and would love to visit at xmas  
153 lucindaborer   yes  
154 HannahEdwards Longtime coming Yes  
155 charmainemorris   yes yes
156 robertbeaver my wife and I make 2-3 return journeys in the winter using Aegean via Athens   I live in UK and Crete
157 LuigiRosa holiday in Crete is not just during summer    
158 KarenTimmons Would love direct flights from Dublin to Heraklion would make it so much easier to get to our favourite holiday destination Yes  
159 LindaPapalexaki If there were more flights available to and from Crete then more people would choose to come and go and more business for the industry.   Annually
160 GrahamDalby   Yes  
161 OlgaKortsalioudaki   Yes Yes
162 ChristineRice     summer and winter
163 RosamundStickland     I have a house in Crete and visit all year round and would VERY much appreciate direct flights in the winter.
164 JohnBayliss We are very regular visitors to Crete, and would appreciate being able to fly direct in the 'off season' YES No
165 angelikinikolopoulou we, people who work in summer tourist industry have the right to can travel cheap in winter time as well..    
166 timstevens Good Idea! I'd use it. x  
167 AlanCraig   Yes  
168 CraigRyder - Yes No
169 RachelBenson Would travel to & from UK in winter months a lot more if direct, & know family & friends would use this too   Yes
170 stellamalliotaki If there were direct flights from anywhere in the UK to Crete from November to March, I wouldnt have any resistance visiting UK!    
171 PhillipParker I have friends in Crete and would like to visit them all year round affordably and conveniently. Yes No
172 TiffCrane Yes!   yes!
173 SusanBritnell     Yes
174 MoiraRobertson Wold love even one flight a week to Crete Have a house I the east of Crete  
175 BABISMARNELLOS It's essential to have a route like that all year around.I am sure the airline will benefit out of our need to commute between UK and Crete. yes yes
176 SophyReid     Yes
177 AnnieGreenlees     yes
178 SandraSmith     Yes
179 alisongreen Cannot always travel during the holiday season. Would love to see my friends when they are not working. yes  
180 SteveMoorman We have so many properties which offer all year round accommodsation. The only thing stopping us is the direct flights Tour operator Tour operator
181 HannahLockett      
182 BettyCoffman I loved my holiday in Crete as many have and would love. Please have year round flights. Thank you    
183 AthinaKourinou     Ok
184 timpowell good idea! yes  
185 KatherineBeani We travel to Crete 3 - 4 times a year and would welcome a direct service from the UK to Heraklion or Chania Yes  
186 CarolynIng This is a massive missed opportunity - Crete is crying out for year round tourism. We have a house in Crete and retire later this year so direct flights would be fantastic.    
187 JanetDuffus yes please yes  
188 DarrenBloore Direct out of summer season flights from/to UK/Crete would be great. It would require much less organisation than flying via Athens. A long weekend, week or two would be easy to escape the hassle & weather of the UK for a more pleasant Crete. yes - summer is easy, winter needs more planning via Olympic!  
189 andrewo donnell myself and my wife got married in stalis crete in 2010 and would like to visit anytime outside summer hols especially christmas to see our friends iholiday in crete and would like to visit during the winter  
190 elenidelalopoulou      
191 JUNELARSEN I have a holiday home in Crete which I visit frequently in the summer but the extortianate fares charged by Aegean Air mean that I simply cannot afford to visit in the winter.    
192 GraceMcSeveney My Family live in Crete and I would love to Go there in Winter. Yes  
193 CharlotteHahn     correct
194 HelenBody     Yes
195 JanetWhite The idea of winter flights to the UK can't fail. Please listen. Thank you   I live in Crete
196 SteveJones   yes no
197 WendyKartsolis     I live in Crete and visit the UK twice every winter
198 LynProtopsaltis     yes
199 sueposkitt      
200 KevJones     Kev Jones