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Signatures for Petition Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete

ID First Name Last Name Comments I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter I live in Crete and visit the UK
201 SusannaHetz also Germans need direct flights to Crete and it would help A LOT this island because the winter is wonderful on Crete yes I visit Germany and UK
202 leifscherner     yes
203 MariaVerivaki Crete desperately needs a direct link with European cities in order to become an all-year round holiday destination, as a way to get out of the economic crisis. It has all the credentials needed to do this. NO YES
204 PhilipJones   Up to 6 times a year  
205 bethansewell     yes
206 sarahcorrigan      
207 wendylangley Air line needed for direct flights from UK - Crete    
208 IainBeat Please keep your flights coming/going throughout the winter!   Yes
209 wendyfrith Please put on winter flights, even if it is one per week you will get alot of business   Live on Crete and visit the UK
210 JohanCasteels      
211 LavenderConnolly     live
212 JanetWhitwill   Yes  
213 deniseharding     yes
214 GeorgeSalamousas Have family in Crete and find it difficult to visit them in winter.    
215 KayMarshall Ryanair from Leeds/Bradford to Chania has been a blessing to us and we would be very very pleased for this service to be year round.   Yes
216 JackieYoung Great idea...especially if you have family in Crete. Yes  
217 DavidGeorge The weather and the facilities on Crete can support a longer holiday season and those that spend long periods there would definately like direct winter flights.    
218 lizremnant Please please start all year flights to Crete (Chania) as there are lots of us here from UK who would definately fill up your planes.   Yes
219 janetpetrie we own two villas in crete and would like to visit in winter    
220 ANNSEDDON I have family in Crete and It is really difficult to go to see them or for them to come here in the winter.    
221 MarieWilson      
222 IoannisPeristerakis      
223 KathAnderson   Yes  
224 Mary and GerardOman We frequently travel to Crete via the UK and would use winter flights to Crete if available.    
225 JonLewis     I live in Crete and visit the UK
226 ElfiSfak      
227 MartinBirch I've been visiting Crete every year for 16 Years, and have hundreds of friends there, both Greek and English. Greece and Crete needs Winter Tourism NOW!. Help Greece in her time of need!.  
228 katestruth moulakaki     yes
229 FinnStokke We own a Villa in Crete, but live mostly in Norway.I am a pesioner and soon also my wife will be, then we will will travell more often to and back.    
230 JacquelineAnderson   Yes  
231 LindaIves   Yes  
232 SteliosJackson      
233 TanyaThompson We need the competition to keep the prices reasonable. Flying to the uk in the winter to see the family is time consuming as you need to go through athens and expensive.   yes
234 BeckyLake Direct flights to other islands in the Med all year round - why not here?   Yes
235 philipsteel Ryanair has left easyjet standing this summer with there current summer service to the UK and could clean up in the winter market to.   5 or 6 times per year
236 PatrickGivnan I'm sure there would be plenty of people interested in Winter travel to Crete. Yes No
237 TeresaLloyd-Jones I have a holiday home in Crete and would love to be able to visit in the winter.    
238 seamusharrington      
239 KatherineJulian     yes
240 DorinaCarvell      
241 MrsMacmaikain I am a travel consultant/advisor and feel Crete (in fact, many other islands in Greece) would benefit from the introduction of winter flights by Easyjet/Ryanair. Yes  
242 PatriciaRainey It could certainly help the Cretan economy if people could get here easily all year around.   yes
243 AnnetteStratton   Yes  
244 BarrieKnowles     I live in Crete and visit the UK
245 suzannaScott It would make such a difference to our lives to have year round flights to Crete. We live between Cambridge and Chania, so would love to be able to get both places easily in the winter.   yes
246 jeanettede Bruijn      
247 JohnNeal     yes
248 GeorginaNightingale      
249 AlistairTrainor Direct flights to Cahnia from Glasgow in the winter would be brilliant. Have to travel to Edinburgh and fly easy jet to Athens at the moment.    
250 ΓεωργιοςΑλισαβάκης      
251 susanBurbridge      
252 davidkercher      
253 GeorgiosPolymeros Something that will boost tourism in Crete as well as help people that have home both places.   yes
254 SophieSeck I live in Crete and would like to visit Belgium,where we are from.   Belgium
255 LynCooper I would love to visit Crete in the winter. But find the stopover in Athens too long to make a trip viable    
256 jackiemoysey   yes almost live there
257 HettyKerkhof Crete has enough to do in wintertime. Hiking, biking, sailing and mutch more. Open the gate :-) Yes  
258 EdLloyd      
259 JaniceLatham It would be fantastic for so many people living and visiting family here in Crete to have all year round flights....wow.    
260 KarenBarker We have a home in Limnes and cannot visit between Nov and March WHY kAREN bARKER  
261 DavidCurrie We have been delighted to use both easyJet and Ryanair on our trips to Crete over the last 6 years to visit our holiday home. Later this year we hope to move to Crete permanently Yes for now Hopefully yes by end of 2013
262 susandunk   s.j.dunk  
263 ShonaCurrie My husband and I have used both easyJet and Ryanair on our trips to Crete over the last 6 years to visit our holiday home. Later this year we hope to move to Crete permanently and would love to fly diect from the UK rather than via Athens Yes for now Hopefully true by the end of 2013
264 chrisdunk have property on crete & would like to visit in the winter c.r.dunk  
265 juneainsworth      
266 AlunBrown Many of us have holiday homes in Crete and would happily take advantage of direct flights from mainland Europe to Crete! Yes Sometimes
267 GregEdmonds There is a 100% need for all year direct flights to/from Hania   I live in Crete and visit the UK
268 GeoffTeague we need reasonably priced winter flights.   yes
269 LucBeernaert      
270 maryhalton      
271 sandrao mahoney would love all year round flights to the uk. I'm from ireland so would get there in 2 flights instead of 3!   yes
272 judyhook   yes  
273 StephenRhodes   Yes  
274 marionHarris I fly to Crete at least 6 times a year two of the flights are in the winter. Chania Manchester
275 RosemaryMorgan We have a house in crete and go there twice during the off peak season and would use direct flights from Glasgow to Chania in winter time x  
276 JennyParks   x  
277 AngusHodgson Please direct flights being reasonably priced yes no
278 GailEvans Winter flights please Yes  
279 JulieGardiner You are missing a trick here-one North of England direct flight and return each week-probably Manchester and a direct one to Gatwick or Heathrow would be fabulous! I have loads of riends who would come to Crete in Winter-try it.   frequently. Please do this
280 AnneLewis I would love to be able to fly to Crete out of season Sinter and Spring are lovely times of the year to visit Crete  
281 violetvallance      
282 KevinDay     *
283 kostaskoykoy      
284 MarianneNissila-Batakis We have holiday apartments in Chania and Platanias. But also my daughter will leave to study in Finland and the flights at winter time are really difficult to connect.    
285 JoannePinckard I lived in Crete for 19 yrs. this was always the biggest problem in the winter there were hardly any flights and we had to go to Athens. Also for the visitors who want a cheap holiday in the winter it is difficult YES  
286 tinaswetman   yes  
287 KrystynaPsillakis Winter flight are long overdue   3-4 times a year
288 MeropeCapernaros Getting back to the UK to catch up with elderly parents and children would be more affordable if Easyjet could run even a limited service between November and March, say twice a week. Thanks   Correct
289 LucBrusten     yes
290 BRIANCAMPBELL Other European holiday resorts have them, including Cyprus - why not Crete with its 300 days of annual sunshine. Christmas especially  
291 SusanMamounakis   Yes  
292 SophieCussen   Yes No
293 MerjaTuominen-Gialitaki I´m flying from/to Finland via UK and ATH in winter, so a direct flight would be a blessing when living and working in two countries. We could also attract small groups coming to Crete in winter    
294 MARIANNAANGELAKI     i would like this
295 SpyrosTsouvelekidis   Heraklion 5 times a year
296 NikitasDiamadis      
297 stevetomlinson we need this   yes
298 JohnMcDonald     yes!
299 LynneMcDonald     yes
300 YasminJensen