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Signatures for Petition Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete

ID First Name Last Name Comments I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter I live in Crete and visit the UK
2001 MelissaHancock we love Crete and come in the winter . please make it easier for us with a baby to go direct after all there is a lot of us living in Crete in winter. thank you yes yes
2002 DavidCurtis   yes  
2003 HarmPostema   Yes  
2004 kurtJørgensen Will start a marketing business here and nede to travle udring the Winter   and visit Scandinavia
2005 LucyHibbert-Foy Please! Yes  
2006 MarinaSilalahi Sidabariba   Yes No
2007 IsabelleDavison More people would travel to Crete in winter if there were direct flights Yes  
2008 susanwilkie   yes  
2009 MarcusMilton I operate a holiday rental business in Crete and direct flights in Winter would be a boost to tourism Yes  
2010 XantheAtkinson We definitely need winter flights to Crete! Yes  
2011 LesCook We need a better choice of flights to Chania from the UK (in my case from London Luton). We last experienced Monarch (September)and vowed never again!! summer spring autumn and winter  
2012 PennyJones   Yes  
2013 LuciCauston I own a house in Crete and would love to pop in and out in the winter. x  
2014 MarkIveson   Yes  
2015 SylkeRichter   yes yes
2016 AnitaAndreassen   Yes  
2017 walthastings Myself,my family&freinds fly to Crete countless times a year.We would much appreiciate year round flights    
2018 NickHines I am convinced year round direct flights would be extremely successful for the operator as well being a very positive contribution to the Cretan economy   regularly
2019 MarkWilson   yes  
2020 jonmiller need direct flights from UK yes  
2021 MaryHaywood     I live in Crete
2022 ChristineGarnett Visiting Crete in Winter would be wonderful, we already holiday there at least twice a year. Yes  
2023 SharonLewis Yes definately needed. yesno  
2024 theresaclark      
2025 GiselaHolzbauer please starts winterflights to Chania yes  
2026 ToveCurtis      
2027 CarineVanlerberghe      
2028 MarinosAlexandropoulos Please consider to keep winter direct connection to Crete. My family and friends like to visit UK in winter since its the only time we have off (we all have tourist seasonal businesses). Surely it will help tourism in Crete which has a very mild winter.   v
2029 OlgaRutherford     Live
2030 GeoffPollock Scheduled weekly or bi weekly flights from Chania to Bristol / London would be ideal.   52 weeks pa
2031 JulieLewin      
2032 colinturvey I have to travel overland and get two ferries to get here out of the so called "tourist season" ideally I go to Crete two or three times out of this season so flights all year would save me the driving and the ferry costs yes  
2033 andreamotta      
2034 LydiaRommens we want to fly regularly to crete in winter both both
2035 AnneParker We are thinking of moving to crete in the near future and would like to be able to have direct flights to England during the winter months.    
2036 DebbieGalvin Not right that flights do not go to Crete in the winter months. People still want to holiday at this time. Come on, get with the times! Yes Would love to move there
2037 ClareRichardson   yes  
2038 JohnField It's about time the airlines opened up all year round traffic to Crete to and from the UK. Many English have property on the island and Cretan people do send their young adults to English University's they need all year access to flights. Yes  
2039 RobertSavory Crete needs direct flights from the UK and the rest of Europe for the entire year. This will improve economy on the island whilst being more convenient for travelers YES Live in the UK
2040 RodneyUphill Now living year round near Chania. Nearest UK airport is Bristol    
2041 CliveBarker     XX
2042 CatherineBarker Some out of season flights would be very helpful for me to visit my grandchildren.   Yes
2043 MichaelBroome With a holiday home in Crete I would like to visit during the christmas period, ideally Bristol to Chania    
2044 PrimozVodopivec please make a winter flight from Venice Italy to Chania    
2045 MarioBellusci   chania would be great bit Heraklion would do  
2046 DorothyBaker      
2047 ChristopherKendall      
2048 davidjohn please Thousands of UK expats have made Crete their home, while thousands more own holiday homes in Crete and most travel frequently to the UK, in both summer and winter.    
2049 IrisSmith      
2050 Åse-LillMarman Its really important to have flights during winter time yes  
2051 VictoriaVanessa I am now 21 and i have been hearing about winter flights since i was born in Chania.I am second generation Hotelier and flights are our life line. Also i would like to travel during the winter months when i can, cheap for once too.   live here
2052 mavismcgowan I would love to fly to Chania direct and would visit more often. yes  
2053 LizBohler   Yes Yes
2054 HelenDawson   x  
2055 LiaPalioudaki yes yes yes... i travel to england all year round!!!   yes
2056 denisecooper please we need winter flights especially for expats   in the winter
2057 KeithDawtry It would be good to have year round flights as we visit UK at Christmas, also we have friends who would like to visit us out of season   in and out of season
2058 LizWilson have a property in Crete and would like to visit during the winter yes  
2059 RebeccaTharme Please include Manchester International Airport (MAN) in the UK airports extending flights to Crete to all-year round. Thanks. I have visited Crete since 1989  
2060 CarolineStandish Crete is lovely in the winter months. It would encourage more people to travel if there were direct flights. Having to change in Athens puts people off. Yes  
2061 AlexandraIsaksen   yes  
2062 AgnesWeninger      
2063 ElizabethStanley Having homes in Crete and the UK means frequent visits to both countries throughout the year. Using local UK and Cretan airports is vital to maintain our links in both countries at a reasonable cost.    
2064 LauraAlford   Yes  
2065 EmmaPeacock We have business in Crete all year round and would like direct flights.    
2066 DanaOlearnikova      
2067 KathrynWindsor Crete is a perfect destination for all year round vacations and direct flights from the UK between November and March would benefit the economy.    
2068 LuisaVarriale      
2069 HelenRicci   Yes  
2070 TanyaMarshall People from the UK often like to visit hotter climes in the winter. Winter flights would increase business! yes no
2071 EvangelosGiannoulakis     at least 3 times a year
2072 anthonycooney I would like to see all year round flights to Crete as this would make travelling in the winter easier yes  
2073 GeorgeMichelakis Yes,it is TIME to start winter flights to Chania   Yes
2074 KevinParker I have a house near Chania and have found your Leeds-Chania flights really useful as all ther other operators use Heraklion - a 100 mile drive. Keep it up. Have a holiday home  
2075 Ms AMJACKSON   yes  
2076 JaanaGrover   Yes  
2077 GertrudeMitchell     Yes
2078 ChristopherMitchell     Yes
2079 SteveSummers I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter  
2080 Tor BirgerSkogen   Yes No
2081 GuyBuyts If not from Belgium, even UK is ok to get to/from Crete... x  
2082 MichelleSlade      
2083 AlanCarroll Annual visitor to Crete. Intending to retire there. need Winter access between Ireland and Crete for myself and family.    
2084 AndreasRomanos Our hotel is almost fully booked until end October and then bookings suddenly stop. Clearly if flight continued beyond October there would be traffic for airlines and hotels.    
2085 ShirleyMcLennan I would like to be able to visit Crete more easily in the winter months. Yes please, winter flights!  
2086 LisettaKokali I live in Crete and visit the UK. My husband lives in the UK and visits me and our children in Crete    
2087 GunnarMüller     x
2088 ashleymellor   yes  
2089 Minabulic   I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter  
2090 davidjohn The idea of winter flights to the UK can't fail. Please listen. Thank you yes  
2091 AaronRouse      
2092 KonstantinaBalomenaki     I live in Crete and visit the UK
2093 CatherineDebusne I live in Crete and go back to France for Christmas. Coming back in spring    
2094 margaretshipman It is about time that some flights came into Sitia airport. The south coast has suffered from lack of tourism and it is a lovely beach/friendly resort with plenty of accommodation. makriyialos  
2095 JanetTaplin I have family in Crete and would like to visit them out of season so direct flights would be great. yes,  
2096 JaneFerguson      
2097 elenadimou     yes!!!
2098 KevinPreston   yes  
2099 CaoimhinTeangna      
2100 PaulGains