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Signatures for Petition Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete

ID First Name Last Name Comments I holiday in Crete and would like to visit during the winter I live in Crete and visit the UK
2101 davidjaques i'd like to visit crete over the winter without going through athens    
2102 RhonaBloxsom   Yes at the moment Yes in the future I hope
2103 carolgains looking to move to crete    
2104 DillWestermann-Childs Crete needs more tourist income. Direct flights from the UK in the winter would help fill accommodation and give the island more employment opportunities.   yes
2105 EvelynHunter I have been to Crete many times and would love to go in the winter but this is very difficult as there are no direct flights from the UK. I feel sure if there were such flights they would prove very popular. 3 weeks every year.  
2106 YasminaPoggi     I live in Crete and visit the uk
2107 pamelahigho The airlines mentioned could try 1 flight/week or fortnight to Chania when the holiday flights stop. we travel to crete thoughout the year but find it very difficult to get to Chania from November to December. We visit family.
2108 johnsedgwick      
2109 DavidWright My wife and I would dearly love to be able to get to and from the UK to Crete all year round.    
2110 trudyguyott i have a property in crete, direct flights would enable me to return more often yes  
2111 FrankyCookson Please increase the seasonal span of direct flights to Chania from the UK - especially from London airports. yes  
2112 RoulaRussell      
2113 christinemahon i totally agree!! not only would this help ex-pats like me but also a struggling winter tourist industry   yes
2114 CarolReay   Yes  
2115 GaryForster would love direct flight to Crete during the winter months to right  
2116 GaryWilliams we want to be able to go to Crete whatever the time of year yes  
2117 PeterWard I own a home in crete and would appreciate the ability to travel direct between in UK and Crete during the winter months ***  
2118 MarilynChan It would be nice to be there any time of the year. yes  
2119 ElaineClark I would love to be able to visit Crete during the cooler winter months but this is not possible at the moment unless I go through Athens. Come on Easy Jet get your finger out you're missing a trick here. Yes  
2120 mikeoldfield we rally need this service. I and many of my friends would use it.   yes
2121 MaƂgorzataPietras   yes  
2122 AngelaThorogood I would like to be able to visit my house in Crete during winter but still be able to visit UK as required    
2123 RodPritchard I would like to bne able to travel to and from my house in Crete during the winter months    
2124 peterbradbury   yes  
2125 janehampshire     live in crete and visit uk every winter
2126 ChristineTomlinson Please have flights all year round. Crete only has a few weeks of really bad weather a year and we would like to travel during the winter We have an apartment in Panormo  
2127 RosemaryLloyd My husband and I live in crete and often need to go to UK during the winter to visit our elderly mother. direct flights would be wonderful   yes
2128 michaelphillips holiday owner I visit all year round i have a house in chania  
2129 jaqiphillips home owner in asproulianos yes  
2130 StanMatthews   yes  
2131 helenmossman It would be a great income for crete    
2132 AllanDavis I intended to have a long winter holiday in Crete but could not find a direct flight. It's ridiculous. I went to Cyprus instead. Direct flight to Larnaca and Paphos so why not Crete? It has the same potential for customers and the weather is the same.    
2133 KathyFittock      
2134 NickFittock we would definitely use this service if it was up and running. yes  
2135 SueCoverley   i would love to go walking in tbe winter in Crete  
2136 MichaelWilson I have lived in Crete for nearly 13 years and would have regular use of direct flights throughout the winter.   Yes
2137 IwonaZan we bought a flight to Crete for october not even realising there is not going to be any direct return flight...so disappointing :-( yes  
2138 JMatthews Visit twice a year and would like to stay here in the winter months for long stays yes  
2139 glenmatthews would like to visit in the winter month yes  
2140 LindseyDavis I am about to buy a holiday home in Crete and will want to travel all year round    
2141 anniewhelan   x  
2142 IanBrocklehurst   Yes  
2143 JuliaFarrer fly from UK to Crete every 2 weeks durung the winter for work   work in UK live in Crete
2144 adelehoughton I would like to travel to crete during winter months because we want to livethere partvofvyear. I agree  
2145 NikkiHetherington Winters lovely in Crete it would be amazing to go direct from the UK . Yes  
2146 JulieRobinson Would make my move to Crete so much happier if my family could easily visit all year round   yes
2147 MelLevick Have been waiting for winter flights for years x  
2148 JohnDillon I own a hose in Akrotiri Chania which I frequent. Yes No
2149 ColinAngus     yes
2150 KendraBarrington   yes  
2151 Kevinwoods   yes  
2152 AlexanderCostaras   Makrigialos  
2153 AnnaAnagnostaki      
2154 jacquelineverhofstad      
2155 ivannapier Its a Beautiful island all year round..   yes